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Tim... today is George's Birthday and he opened his present. OMG he said, what a magnificent owl. This is gorgeous.....look at the details! He loves your owl and we have it showcased with our other fine pieces of art. Thank you again for thinking of us while carving this owl. We will cherish your work for a lifetime.. Thank you and God Bless.

Michele Stesko Prekop
The Gyr Falcon looks just awesome. What a great job. You are very fortunate to be so talented. My wife is going to love it. I think it looks beautiful. Am I able to talk to you just to go over what goes into your work and hopefully purchase more in the future? Thanks again for your great work and patience.

Michael Marshall
Coventry, RI
Red Bellied Woodpecker: Impressive! You are certainly gifted. I also just want say it has been a pleasure dealing with you - professional, courteous, responsive, best of luck Tim with all you do.

Chris Holm
Warwick, RI
Your beautiful humming bird arrived while I was at my son's home. I gave it to them, didn't want to wait till Christmas, and they love it. You did a wonderful job on it and it looks like a "live" hummingbird.

Miriam Wade
Wiscasset, ME
I received the package today. The Owl sculpture was incredible. I was very impressed with the detail around the face. I opened the box while I was at my office and everyone there was very impressed. Have you completed a Great Horned Owl? Maybe next year if your interested we could talk about making another owl. Thanks Tim Your artwork is truly amazing.

Gary Germano
Evansville, Indiana
The quality of your work is outstanding. The whole piece is marvellous. The head, in particular, is incredibly life-like. I expected I would be pleased with your work; that wasn't a surprise. The surprise for me was the absolute delight you took in producing this piece. I couldn't begin to fully express how pleased I was in how you kept me up-to-date as to how the piece was progressing and then how you continued to be involved with the progress of the shipment. In the days and years to come, when I view the kestrel, I will not only see its beauty but also be reminded of the boundless delight you exhibited as you created this masterpiece.

Pat Mapes
Saskatoon, Canada
The thrill of art collecting is having no particular expectations and unexpectedly find something so stunning and beautiful, the hunt becomes an end into itself. That's exactly what happened when I first saw Tim's incredible collection of hand-carved wooden North American birds. My eye immediately was drawn to a miniature "Barred Owl." It was only after deciding to purchase the piece that I learned that it had been judged 1st place in the advanced division at the 2009 World Wildfowl Carving Championship. All I can say is that the judges were amazingly prescient.

David Overton - Former Chair, Department of Journalism, Emerson College, Boston, MA
The owls are simply phenomenal and I'm speechless...which, for me, is saying something. The spirit of nature comes through in your exquisite carvings and I will treasure enjoying the owls throughout my life. I hope to be able to thank you in person...until then, please know how much this gift means to me. Have a great holiday!

Wayne Hill, Brecksville, Ohio
Tim's art is unbelievable! When looking at his work, it's as if the birds are coming to life. His creations display the individual personalities and stories of these raptors/birds. While the pictures are great, they don't come close to giving his art justice. I can't believe they've been hand-carved and painted; almost have to touch them to believe it!

Brenda Esperanza, M.A., LCMHC
To both the trained and untrained eye it is clear that the extraordinary artistry and talent expressed by Tim McEachern in his carvings is exquisite. What makes his works so additionally  remarkable is the infusion of a spiritual component. Not only do his cravings look alive, they feel alive. Tim's skill allows him to project the physical, emotional and spiritual essence of his subjects in a way that allows the viewer to become one with the carvings, not just an objective viewer of them. The capacity to draw the viewer into the art, in any modality, is a sign of a great artist. Congratulations Tim and thank you for allowing us to access and bring such beauty into our lives.

Susan McKevitt, PhD

I am stunned by the amount of ornithological research that Tim dedicates to a carving before he makes the first cut in a piece of Tupolo wood. Field photography, hand-drawn studies and stacks of Audubon-style reference books. His attention-to-detail is what fascinates me.

Paul Smith
Storysmithing, Vancouver, BC

I first met Tim when my team was managing Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire. At the time, Tim was working the nightshift and, although I didn’t know it then, he was using every available moment off-shift to work on his carvings. He was literally eating, sleeping and carving, and I doubt that he was getting a whole lot of sleep. I was probably one of the first to see his amazing carvings and I thank Tim for that privilege. Tim – you are a true and dedicated artist.

Pat Corso
National Resort Management, North Carolina

Your love of nature and its beauty shine through your wonderful works of art!! Looking forward to seeing the beautiful creations you hold for the future!! All the best to your creative endeavors!!

What a joy to see your site and the wonderful creations. For those of you that do not know Tim, I have followed his work from the very beginning. He is not only a talented artist but is a wonderful friend. His carvings have been the stepping stones for his own spiritual journey. His work reflects the celebration of a spirit that has connected in a unique way with nature. I wish you only the best my friend.

How excited we are to see all the incredible pieces of artwork on your new website! I'm thrilled that Brian and I got to see a few of your creations up close and personal. Your gift and your talent really honors the spirit of the birds you create. I can't wait to forward this website to friends who appreciate great talent and creativity. All the best to you.

Tory and Brian
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